Anonymous asked:

Oh my god I genuinely seriously don't know the story of Louis folding up Harry sleeves and being a proud boyfriend about it! Please, talk Harry is Louis' baby to me 😊

thisismyoneluckyprize answered:


so, during what was a gloriously flirty weekend, the boys had a series of interviews, and this one in liverpool is where we lay our scene….

we know that louis has always rolled up harry’s sleeves for him, but it seemed as though louis had been experimenting that weekend with pinning them up instead:

he was so fucking pleased:


(well we know he was pleased with something cos dicktwitch)

here’s a close-up:

during the performance later that day:

at radio 1 a month later:

and even after his and louis’ little post-vmas la soujourn:

pinned sleeve feels (ღ◉‿◉ღ)